Software Measurement Services: Quantity Surveyors of Information Systems

A quantity surveyor (QS) is a professional working within the construction industry concerned with identifying and controlling building costs.”

DCG-SMS quantifies the value and potential of ICT.

As Software Quantity Surveyors, we control development costs by accurate measurement of the work required. We provide crucial insight into the implications of design decisions at an early stage to avoid waste of time, effort, money and resources.

DCG-SMS’ unrivaled definition-to-deployment know-how of the complete application lifecycle ensures that good value is obtained for the money expended. Our independence and objective approach is particularly valuable in improving results from outsourced software services.

The DCG-SMS team includes  leading authorities on Functional Size Measurement. DCG-SMS people were instrumental in developing the COSMIC Functional Point method and are leading the way in promulgating the significant benefits of this measurement method. We provide professional support for organisations using Mk 2 Function Points, and provide CFPS-qualified IFPUG Function Point counters.

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DCG-SMS Know-how
DCG-SMS Products and Services

Estimating Estimating techniques
Effective estimating practice
Specialist Consultancy, Estimating
Early Estimation of Project Size
Estimating for Agile
Estimating with COSMIC
Estimating with FPA (IFPUG/MkII)
Estimating with COCOMO

Risk Risk analysis
Risk management
Specialist Consultancy, Risk Management
Risk management workshops
Procurement readiness assessment
Supplier capability assessment
Measurement audit

Requirements Requirements Management
Requirements Administration
Requirements Engineering
Specialist Consultancy, Requirements


Project Scope Agree outcome requirements Scope Management
Integrated Teamworking


Software Size measurement Functional size measurement
Application portfolio management
Software size measurement for the business
Specialist Consultancy, Software Measurement
Certified Function Point Specialist Consultants
Practical Use of COSMIC SW Sizing
Practical Use of IFPUG FPA
Uses and benefits of FPA
FP Counting
FP Audit
FP Healthchecks
Measurement for Agile
Output-based contract management
Rapid Application Portfolio Sizing


Workflow Management Managing the Agile process
Project management
Value stream management
Specialist Consultancy, Flowchain
Using A3 Reports
Benefits realisation
Interim management
Change management
Balanced Scorecard


Software Process Improvement Implementing effective SPI
Realising benefit from SPI
Value Stream Mapping
Specialist Consultancy:
Culture Change
DCG-SMS Lean and Agile Method for Improvement Teams
Introduction to CMMI workshop
Process Action Team workshops
Gap Analysis CMMI Dev


Security Complying with ISO/EC 27000 Gap Analysis ISO/IEC 27000
Training DCG-SMS is an experienced training provider Estimating techniques
DelphiMeasurement Practice
Uses & benefits of Functional Size Measurement
COSMIC Functional Points
IFPUG Functional Points
Mk 2 Function PointsSoftware Process Improvement
CMMI for Development
CMMI for Services
ISO 20000


What’s New

DCG-SMS Webinar: Outcome Based Metrics 9th July 2013. Alan Cameron considers how project metrics need to change to keep pace with today's approaches to applications development.
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DCG-SMS Webinar: Contracting for Agile
17th September 2013. Susan Atkinson of Keystone Law considers how the approach to contracting for software needs to change to leverage the business advantages of Agile.
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