• Agile Solutions
  • CMMI Software Process Improvement
  • Quantitative, Agile-Lean Transformation


  • Improve speed of delivery
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve “Team” productivity

Many organisations have recognised that Agile will help them keep pace with today’s fast-moving technology and remain competitive. The benefits of Agile are proven. But achieving them remains a challenge. With DCG-SMS experience and know-how beside you, its a challenge you can meet with confidence.

DCG-SMS know-how and experience will support you all the way from your first exploratory steps to world class Agile performance.

Agile JumpStart sm

DCG-SMS’ Agile JumpStart gives your team the knowledge, hands-on experience and confidence to implement Agile for more cost-effective and on-time project delivery. More

Agile Coaching

  • Executive Coaching
  • Agile Team Coaching
  • Mindset Review

Agile Training

Agile Practical Techniques (PMI-Certified Training: 20 PDU Credits). 

Contact the DCG-SMS Team info@dcg-sms.com

CMMI Software Process Improvement

DCG-SMS Improvement Coaches have helped numerous clients succeed in their CMMI appraisals over the last decade. We guarantee you will achieve your goal more quickly, more harmoniously, and more cost-effectively, by applying DCG-SMS know-how.

DCG’s CMMI certification as an authorized Transition Partner means your work is internationally recognized with the industry governing body. CMMI certified training, appraisals, consulting and compliant artifacts are all available through DCG.

Our consulting services are always tailored to your specific needs in CMMI Software Process Improvement and CMMI training. Our proven experience supports fast-tracking to achieve the CMMI level (2-5) you need for your business to succeed.

DCG provides a rich set of software development consulting services including:

  • CMMI® Level Gap Analysis Assessment
  • CMMI® Roadmap Planning
  • Executive and Staff Orientation and Awareness Training
  • Process Area Consulting Support / Software Project Planning
  • Process Performance Modeling for productivity improvements
  • CMMI SCAMPIsm A,B, C Appraisals
  • ARC B, C Appraisals

Contact the DCG-SMS Team info@dcg-sms.com


Quantitative Agile-Lean Management of Change

DCG-SMS offer a quantitative and agile approach to achieving truly Lean software development.

Developed by SMS founding Director, Grant Rule, this incremental,  three-year improvement programme is designed to change behaviours and processes to achieve real and sustainable improvements in performance and value delivered. More…

Contact the DCG-SMS Team info@dcg-sms.com

What’s New

DCG-SMS Webinar: Outcome Based Metrics 9th July 2013. Alan Cameron considers how project metrics need to change to keep pace with today's approaches to applications development.
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DCG-SMS Webinar: Contracting for Agile
17th September 2013. Susan Atkinson of Keystone Law considers how the approach to contracting for software needs to change to leverage the business advantages of Agile.
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