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Outcome Based Metrics
9th July 2013 (Alan Cameron – MD, DCG-SMS) 

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PDF: Outcome Based Metrics

Automating the Governance of Agile Applications Development – a Case Study
11th June, 2013 (Joerg Stimmer – MD, Plixos) 

Agile Underperforming? Keys to improving delivery
21st May, 2013 (Tom Cagley – VP, David Consulting Group)

Agile Clinic: Whats Your Big Agile Question?
28th March, 2013 Panel session with Alan Cameron, Mike Harris and Chris Woodward.

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IT Value: Its In The Numbers
12th March, 2013
(Alan Cameron – MD DCG-SMS)

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What Makes a World Class PMO?
12th February, 2013 Panel session with Alison Marsden, Gavin Martin, Beth Brown, Alan Cameron

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A Manager’s Guide to Lean-Agile: Making the Right Choices
22nd January, 2013 (Chris Woodward – Principal Consultant, DCG-SMS) 
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Agile and Risk
12th December, 2012
(Tom Cagley – VP, David Consulting Group)
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Requirements and Risk
16th December, 2010
(Simon Wright – Principal Consultant, DCG-SMS)
Requirements and Risk

Estimating and Risk
3rd November, 2010
(Alan Cameron – Managing Director, DCG-SMS)
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SMS Archive

Mid Week Mythbusters – Are Projects Harmful to Lean Workflow.
12th January, 2011
(P Grant Rule – DCG-SMS)

Using Kanban to Get Knowledge and Continuously Improve.
11th January, 2011
(Benjamin Mitchell – Equanimity Consulting)

The Map is Not the Territory.
16th December, 2010
(Roger Gamage – Principal
Consultant, DCG-SMS)

Achieving Enterprise Scale Agility with Lean.
3rd November, 2010
(Alan Shalloway – CEO, Net Objectives)

IT Accounting – Proving Value.
21st September, 2010
(Chris Dale)

Maximise Productivity_ Reduce Cost_ Deliver Predictable Outcomes_ The case for Function Point Power.
24 August, 2010
(P. Grant Rule)

How Lean Organisations Harness Agile to Deliver Business Value.
11 May, 2010
(Kent A. Johnson)

How CIOs are achieving success in Lean Service.
30 March, 2010
(Stephen Parry)

London SPIN: eXtreme measurement.
25 November, 2009

How to use software metrics effectively – Charles Symons looks at how to analyse and apply software metrics to manage software intensive projects with greater discipline and engineering rigour.
27 October, 2009
(Charles Symons)

Outcomes and Open Source: How CIOs can delight the Board – Traditional contract terms and SLAs are not delivering the outcomes businesses want from outsourced suppliers – and the CIO is frequently the one in the middle carrying the can for this disappointment.

22 September 2009
(Richard Sykes and Brian Meenagh)

Requirements is MAD – Inability to capture requirements, changes in requirements, and consequent changes in scope, are a major cause of wasted effort and resources. resources.

25 August 2009
(Dr Simon Wright)

How astute business managers increase effectiveness and maximise the value delivered by product development.
30 July 2009
(Grant Rule and Bob Marshall)

An outcome based approach to software process improvement.
23 June 2009
(Clifford Shelley)

Benchmarking customer value and outcomes.
19 May 2009
(Chris Dale)

Understanding, measuring and delivering value.
28 April 2009
(Grant Rule)

A Common-Sense Approach to IT Service Management.
26 March 2009
(Jill Pritchet, Alison Marsden)

Output-based Contract Management.
10 February 2009
(Grant Rule)
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DCG-SMS Webinar: Outcome Based Metrics 9th July 2013. Alan Cameron considers how project metrics need to change to keep pace with today's approaches to applications development.
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DCG-SMS Webinar: Contracting for Agile
17th September 2013. Susan Atkinson of Keystone Law considers how the approach to contracting for software needs to change to leverage the business advantages of Agile.
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